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headshot3.jpg"It is the simple things that make me stop and look. The imperfections of a line, the power of repetition, the beauty of unexpected shadows - all these things feed the way I work and the objects I make." - Alice Roche

Alice Roche Jewelry offers a line of contemporary, silver and mixed metal jewelry that draws inspiration from the complementary worlds of nature and architecture. Handmade in San Francisco, Alice’s jewelry is composed like a pencil sketch capturing line weights, movement and form. Her process yields an architectural feel and compelling simplicity.

With a background in art and a Masters of Architecture from UC Berkeley, Alice began making jewelry, adapting her design sensibility to a smaller scale that has captivated her since childhood. As the daughter of an architect, Alice has always sought out a world of construction and design. Coupling her fields of study with her love for making things has been the foundation of her work. She works mostly in silver, translating her sketches through forging, fabrication and casting. She chooses straightforward techniques that reflect the simplicity of the jewelry she is making. The finished product retains a handmade quality, which is inherent to its design. The exploration of architecture and the act of building guides the creation of each piece of her jewelry from start to finish.

Alice began making production jewelry in 2005, launching her business while working full time as a residential architect. In 2008, she left her architecture career and has never looked back. Today, Alice’s jewelry is carried nationally at fine galleries and museum stores including the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

doing our part

Alice Roche Jewelry believes in ethical business practices and responsible sourcing. We are committed to using reclaimed metals and materials manufactured in America.

We live and work in a great community and feel there are so many organizations that deserve help and encouragement. Along with supporting local fundraisers and auctions, starting in 2012, Alice Roche Jewelry will begin a new initiative by selecting an organization and contributing to it throughout the year through various sales efforts. In the past, we have supported local and international causes including the American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and the International Studies Academy in San Francisco.

host a trunk show and raise money for charity

Hosting an Alice Roche Jewelry trunk show is a great way to raise money for the charity of your choice. When you host a trunk show, 15% of the proceeds are donated to your charity. We help you with the design of the invitation and will even manage the guest list for you. It's such a fun way to get people together, buy some jewelry and feel good about it too!

If you are interested in hosting a trunk show, contact us for more information.